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August 16-19, 2017

Posters from previous years of the Crested Butte Wild Mushroom Festival are available. Go to the Sign Up! page to order your posters.

The purpose of the Crested Butte Wild Mushroom Festival is to educate people about wild mushrooms in the Rocky Mountains in a way that is informative, interesting and fun! We encourage experiential learning via forays, cooking classes, and other practical methods as well as hosting an array of traditional lectures and workshops.

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Welcome to the

Crested Butte Wild Mushroom Festival Homepage

Putting the 'Fun' back in Fungi!

2006 Mushroom Festival A Huge Success
- Planning Underway for 2017 -

The 2006 Crested Butte Wild Mushroom Festival, assisted by a summer of regular rainfalls and a lot of work from our volunteers and presenters, far exceeded everyone's expectations. The Colorado mountains were carpeted with mushrooms this summer and mushroom species rarely seen in Colorado made an appearance in abundance. In response to this abundance of mushrooms people came to the Festival in numbers exceeding previous years and with great expectations. They were not disappointed.

Over 210 mushroom lovers participated in this year's Festival some coming from as far away as Louisiana, Minnesota, Kansas, Florida, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, New York, New Jersey, and California.

Over 180 different species of mushrooms were finally counted on the identification tables. These included a number of less common mushrooms species such as four species of hypogeous fungi (mushrooms that grow underground), a field of a dozen giant Western puffballs (Calvatia booniana), a few false morels (Gyromitra infula), about 15-species of Hygrophorus, numerous species of Amanitas, and Blue Chanterelles (Polyozellus multiplex).

We're all looking forward to next year's Festival which will take place August 16-19, 2017. In the spring we'll have more information available on this Web site regarding the 2017 Crested Butte Wild Mushroom Festival.

See you in Crested Butte next August!